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The perfect defense against dull, dry, discolored, damaged locks caused by malicious minerals hiding in your water, this 100% vegan super shampoo boasts top-notch cleansing capabilities without harsh chemicals or sulfates and features the sweetly scented aroma of Orange Dreamscile that will blast you back to your youth.

Hard Water Wellness Shampoo

SKU: 757088220096
    • Preserves the health and vibrancy of hair exposed to hard or softened water. 
    • Removes and protects against waterborne elements that dry, damage, and discolor hair. 
    • Nourishes and protects  every strand of hair.
    • Especially benefical for frequently shampooed hair.
    • An exclusive sulfate-free, multifunctional surfactant technology delivers the most gentle, yet powerfully effective, shampoo.
    • Prevents discoloration caused by iron and copper. 
    • Infuses vital moisture for radiant shine and maximum manageability. 
    • Formulated without sulfates, parabens, gluten, and no sodium chloride (salt) added.